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Make an origami whooping crane; directions here

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A Closer Look at Whooping Cranes 

Wakanda’s Song

We see those whoopers in the sky,
A gorgeous scene as they fly high.
We hear those whoopers in the sky,
And whoop ourselves as they fly by.

Hatched in the refuge one May day,
Wakanda danced in the sun’s ray,
Among whoopers born wild once more
New eastern homes to the gulf shore.

Wakanda’s spirit fills the air,
She bids a crane’s peace everywhere.
Wakanda’s spirit fills the air.

So few there were who nested north,
But humans came and brought them forth.
Now they fly from their wetland post
In Wisconsin to our Gulf Coast.

North America’s tallest bird,
For miles their loud whoop can be heard.
They spread those wings out seven feet
That highway in the sky to greet.


May cranes be ever with our earth,
And whoop their comeback with great mirth.
Thanks be to humans and their care.
One day whoopers will not be rare.


Lyrics by Sandee Kosmo
Sung by Ben Metzger
Guitar/Music & Arranged by Jonathan Meier

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listen to Jonathan’s rendition here



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Wakanda Whooper

The Curious Cinnamon Crane
(Saving the Last Whooping Cranes)


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