Wakanda Whooper the Curious Cinnamon Crane

This beautifully written and illustrated children's book follows the life and journey of Wakanda, a young whooping crane, and her family. It historically and factually represents the efforts taken to save the North American whooping crane from extinction. This 72-page book includes many full-page illustrations, multiple hands-on activities, a glossary, and crane trivia pages. Through this story, the author, Sandia Kosmo, hopes young people will be inspired to care for, and help save our environment. Get your copy today for the child, environmentalist, or bird enthusiast in your life!

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Whooper Trivia for Your Crane-ium

Wakanda Whooper is based on the lives of real whooping cranes. Test your knowledge below, and then learn even more fun facts about whoopers and their history by ordering your copy of Wakanda Whooper today!

Scientific Name

Whooping Crane’s are scientifically known as Grus americana.


Whoopers are the tallest bird in North America. They stand at 5 feet tall and have a wing span of 7.5 feet!


A female whooper weighs about 14lbs, while a male whooper weighs closer to 16lbs.

Did you Hear That?

The sound whooping cranes make is called a “Whoop” and it can be heard up to two miles away due to the long windpipes of whooping cranes.


Adult whoopers are white with black wing tips, yellow eyes, and a bare red face and head. Young cranes (under one year old), are cinnamon-and-cream colored with blue eyes for the first three months.

What are baby cranes called?

Young cranes are called colts or chicks. They hatch from eggs!

What's for dinner?

Whoopers are omnivores. That means they eat both small animals and plants. Some of their favorites are worms, snakes, frogs, insects, grains, fruit, roots, and nuts!

June 22, 2006

Two wild whooping cranes were hatched in Necedah National Wildlife Refuge. They were the first two whoopers to hatch naturally in the Midwestern United States in over one hundred years.

Life Expectancy

In the wild whooping cranes live to be 22 to 30 years old. In captivity they tend to live for as long as 40 years.

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Author Sandia Kosmo

About the Author

Sandia Kosmo has won three awards for Wakanda Whooper, and while this is her first children's book, it is not her first experience writing. Sandia has a background in journalism and PR. So, rest assured that her facts and history are well researched and her storytelling skills are top notch. The kids in your life will want to read this captivating story again and again! Sandia's dedication to the survival of the whooping cranes will make you want to take action, and speaking of taking action... Now, for a limited time Sandia is selling signed copies right here on her website. Get your's today!

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